Annual Meeting of the Orthopaedic Research Society 2010

56th Annual Meeting of the  Orthopaedic Research Society
Conference Location:  New Orleans, LA
Conference Dates: March 6 – 9, 2010

The ORS Annual Meeting continues to be an extraordinary conference enabling members and non-members to bring new scientific discoveries to a forum for open discussion and debate. There is no other society that comprehensively integrates engineering and biological research on all cells, tissues and organs of the musculoskeletal system in an environment in which these new discoveries can be translated to the clinical environment.  This is the most important activity of our Society.  The Program Committee, Topic Chairs, and more than 200 volunteer abstract reviewers are working very hard to put together a program that will help to bring us up to date on the best, late-breaking research in our field.

Dr. Marcolongo presented Chris Massey‘s talk entitled

Effect of Aging amd Degeneration on the Human Intervertebral Disc during the Diurnal Cycle: A Finite Element Study

Jessica Isaacs also presented her work in the form of the poster,

Effects of Enzymatic Digestion on Mechanics of In-Plane Annulus Fibrosus Lamellae