Peer Reviewed Publications

Prudnikova, K., E. J. Vresilovic and M. Marcolongo (2012). “New Strategy for Treatment of Lower Back Pain: Molecular Restoration of Intervertebral Disc Using an Injection of Biomimetic Aggrecan.” The Spine Journal 12(9): S30.

Massey, C. J., C. C. van Donkelaar, E. Vresilovic, A. Zavaliangos and M. Marcolongo (2012). “Effects of aging and degeneration on the human intervertebral disc during the diurnal cycle: A finite element study.” Journal of Orthopaedic Research 30(1): 122-128.

Kirzner, Y., M. Marcolongo and S. K. Bhatia (2012). “Advances in Biomaterials for the Treatment of Intervertebral Disc Degeneration.” Journal of Long-Term Effects of Medical Implants 22(1): 73-84.

Jost, M., K. Barbee, D. Rothstein, N. Robertson, K. Berkowitz and M. Marcolongo (2012). “Modeling L-Selectin Mediated Attachment Strength during Embryo Implantation.” Gender Medicine: The Journal for the Study of Sex & Gender Differences 9(1): S95-S96.

Green, A. P., E. Chen, K. Pourrezaei and M. Marcolongo (2011). “Accelerating Innovation: The Nanotechnology Institute.” Nanotech. L. & Bus. 8: 176.

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Books – Authored, Edited 

Isaacs, J. L. and M. S. Marcolongo (2012). Micromechanics of the Annulus Fibrosus: Role of Biomolecules in Mechanical Function, Drexel University.

Ganesh, N. and M. Marcolongo (2010). Biomimetic Aggrecan Based on a Polyacrylic Acid (PAA) Core and Chondroitin Sulfate (CS) Bristles, Drexel University.

Massey, C. J. and M. S. Marcolongo (2009). Finite Element Analysis and Materials Characterization of Changes Due to Aging and Degeneration of the Human Intervertebral Disc, Drexel University.

Marcolongo, M. and A. Joshi (2006). “Spinal Implants.” Encyclopedia of Medical Devices and Instrumentation.

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Marcolongo, M., E. Vresilovic, B. Jackson, S. Sarkar and C. Schauer (2013). Compositions and Methods for Treating a Disorder or Defect in Soft Tissue, US Patent 20,130,052,155.

Binetti, V. R., K. B. Kita, G. W. Fussell, A. M. Lowman and M. S. Marcolongo (2013). INJECTABLE CROSS-LINKED HYDROGELS FOR BIOMATERIAL APPLICATIONS, US Patent 20,130,012,913.

Marcolongo, M. S., A. M. Lowman and E. Y. Ho (2012). Bioactive thermogelling polymer systems and methods of their use, Google Patents.

Marcolongo, M. S., A. M. Lowman, A. J. Clemow, M. F. Keane and E. Vresilovic (2010). HYDROGEL BALLOON PROSTHESIS FOR NUCLEUS PULPOSUS, EP Patent 1,917,050.

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